segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2020


Expresso Jazz SP 2011 - foto Marcos Bacon

The ERATIVA, CULTURA E COMUNICAÇÃO has operated in the cultural area for over 10 years with focus on the development of projects that stimulate contemporary culture and its creative powers. We strive towards innovation and cultural diversity in Brazil and the world, and establish connections between artists from different regions and cultures in order to promote and update different influences of Brazilian culture.

With much experience with brazilian policies for culture and incentive laws to financing arts (private, federal, state and municipal), along broad trends and creative networks, Erativa significantly boosts the contemporary artistic environment in Brazil, by hosting festivals, exhibitions, courses and exchanges in various artistic segments.

In order to provide sustainable platforms for cultural development and to stimulate growth of productive chains, Erativa establishes partnership with leading institutions and projects for human development, citizenship and sustainability.

Besides the idealization of authorial projects, advisors offer services to other producers, in areas related to cultural production and communication in their projects and agencies of national and international artists.